Friday, December 24, 2010

Caterwauling Excused

Filipinos love karaoke. No matter the class they belong to, there’s really just this innate love for music and fondness for performing. I wasn’t a fan in my younger years, but I stopped being a killjoy and obsessing about coolness as I got older. I still wouldn’t participate in big parties (I’ve never been the life of the party type anyway), but with an intimate circle of friends, I can get crazy. Loud Karaoke is definitely very common this time of the year and we all tolerate it better from our neighbors since they have a pretty good excuse (and you could be holding a similar ruckus in a few nights). Businesses that rent out karaoke machines probably make a bundle from all the corporate parties and reunions going on right now. It’s good to have a wide selection of CDs for Karaoke especially if your guest list is very diverse. My sister and I love singing songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s that we considered tacky back then. In the cloud of nostalgia, they suddenly become “adorable”. We also like songs that require us to scream so loud we practically spew out our entrails with the force. You know those songs… “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, “Alone”, etc. Other generations probably won’t get that, so it’s good to have lots of choices.


the kano said...

My Filipina wife and all of her Filipina friends back in the States absolutely did love karaoke. Unfortunately, the Magic Sing system we shipped over to our new home in the Philippines doesn't work. It would have been a great Christmas gift for her, but there were other expenses that had to paid. But there's always Valentine's Day just around the corner.