Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Not the Car Nut in the Family

There was a time when my husband, the car nut, was talking about getting a used BMW. I’m not sure if he has already completely abandoned the idea, but he hasn’t mentioned it for some time now. Cars have never figured among my interests, but having written innumerable articles about them at one point in my life, I do have some knowledge as to outstanding features, comparative reviews, and the like. I also had to write short historical profiles on the different car marques, which I admittedly found fascinating. To my reluctant enlightenment at that time, I learned about the mergers and who now owns what. BMW definitely has an interesting history, but whatever it was, the marque is now representative of fine German automobile craftsmanship. I remember this acquaintance of mine who exhaustively looked through any Used BMW Tempe had to offer. A brand new one wasn’t quite in her budget, but she was determined to go to college in a BMW, hence her insistence. Last I heard, she traded the thing for a newer model Lexus, albeit also used. She’s a working girl now though, so she could have already gotten something brand new. I do understand the compulsion for this kind of behavior. Sometimes I just wonder why I myself don’t have the desire to go after status symbols. I’m not about to dwell on it too much though. That might just lead the path to discontent.