Monday, August 23, 2010

Blogthings Will Tell You What Kind of Californian You Are

I was recently wasting time over at Blogthings and one of the quizzes I took was What Kind of Californian Are You. Now, I have relatives all over the state, and I really enjoyed each area that I got to visit. However, I thought that I was either a San Diego type of Californian (San Diagan, according to Ron Burgundy, lol - you don’t know Ron Burgundy? Will Ferrell in Anchorman? Okay, never mind. It’s not important.) or a San Francisco one (I’m just going by the places that appealed to me the most), but no. According to Blogthings, I was a Sacramento Californian. Really? I seriously doubt it, but who am I to question the wisdom of Blogthings? Anyway, most people are familiar and drawn to Los Angeles, but I kind of found it depressing. There are lots of pretty areas, but the vibes did not agree with me. Anyway, my friend Karen must feel the same way because she’s moving to one of the bedroom cities after more than nine years of living there. I guess, it’s also mostly a practical move. She’s single, but economizing applies to everyone now. So, Karen, with a truck from Moving Company LA in tow, is off to a suburb an hour away. Watch out for her on the Metrolink. She’ll be on it every morning starting this week.