Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aptitude Isn't the Limit

I have never had aspirations to study business. I have just never been inclined. I declared Math as my Waterloo way before I even learned what Waterloo was. My dad used to be an accountant and he studied business in college. He worked in this field until I was about 12 and then he became a fulltime minister. I think he was hoping my sister and I would have gotten some of his knack for business, but Chip and I simply did not have the aptitude. I studied languages, while Chip went from Speech and Drama to Music to Early Childhood Care and Development. Of course, there’s aptitude and there’s drive. My best friend from high school, who is also into the arts, managed to get herself an MBA with no trouble. She’s decidedly more artistic than myself, but also infinitely more practical and ambitious. When I get down from my airy-fairy ways, I might consider that it’s worth my while to have an MBA degree and prep for the CAT 2011 Entrance Exam. I do like being a student. In fact, I think it was the thing I was really good at. I had no trouble being a nerd. It came naturally to me. Being out of school and in the real world, now, that didn’t agree with me so well, lol.