Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Wouldn't Mind Homesteading in an RV

As we've been consumed with the thought of moving for quite some time now, I'd considered a bunch of alternatives to renting. There's buying a condo unit even though I'm not convinced that I like living in an apartment building after having done so for more than a year. There's moving in back with my folks, which I almost always nix right away even if they're great (just an issue of independence). There's even buying a plot of land and an RV. I actually really like the third idea and have been looking at rv motorhomes. My grandmother did that for a while when she was living in San Bernardino. She bought this top-of-the-line RV and lived close to friends of hers. She was forced to sell it and live in a house again when her friends decided to move to Palm Springs. Anyway, an RV would come in handy with all the camping we hope to do. Oh you should see my face when I wrote that. I've gone to a lot of camps and I've done some real camping in my time, but usually against my will and better judgment, lol. Hopefully, Marguerite will be more rugged than me and not cling too much to the comforts of civilized living.


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