Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Marguerite and I made a Christmas Countdown poster to amp the anticipation and to make sure we carry out certain traditions (being a young family, we're still in the process of building them) with regards to the holidays. Anyway, we stuck the poster on the back wall of her playhouse. She's supposed to rip out a number at the end of each day (the paper goes into the scrap box) and draw an activity from a box. Examples of activities listed are:
- make Christmas-themed paper chains
- make eggnog (no rum, of course)
- Christmas tea/picnic (red and green elements)
- read Christmas story
- take Christmas ride (go around in the car to look at houses decorated for the holidays)
- international Christmas ( do 3-5 Christmas traditions from other countries)
- take Christmas picture for postcard
- have hot cocoa

Some of the activities (like the Christmas picture) I've already scheduled for specific days, of course. Since Marguerite doesn't read yet, she still draws a piece of paper (sometimes, disruption of routines upsets her) and I just tell her what the scheduled activity is. I make her draw the activity the day before so I can plan for the following day (some of them are pretty elaborate). It would be really awesome if we can continue this particular tradition as she grows up.


The Darkest Night said...

wow..sounds like a really great tradition you are creating! Have lots of fun!!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika :)

Anonymous said...

nice idea hermana.
i think i can copy ur funny game.