Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where You Can Chat with LDS

I really do not know much about Mormons or the Latter Days Saints (LDS) although I have met and liked several of them. I remember getting one of them to explain to me how their doctrine is different from mine (I’m a Pentecostal Christian), but I did not really understand much of it (understandably as I was supposed to be fielding refunds calls in Spanish for a certain credit card company). I did register the name Melchizedek. I have a vague notion of who he is, but I don’t remember how he’s supposed to figure in Mormon history. Anyway, to this day all I know of the Church of the Latter Day Saints is that they have neat and attractive chapels (in the Philippines, they usually have a basketball half-court in the compound), they send missionaries (A Mormon acquaintance told me that she used her own money to do mission work - that’s dedication) to other nations and the men wear slacks and a short-sleeved white shirt with tie in mission (lots of them are cute - the men, I mean, or boys rather as the ones I’ve seen looked really young) and some of them seem to be having their share of the limelight recently (Todd, that guy who won in Survivor China; Rachel Coleman of the Signing Time fame; Stephenie Meyer; and that Tyson guy in the current Survivor for whom Filipinos are supposed to root as he’d spent time here in the Philippines in mission - hahaha any connection will do). Anyway, if you’re interested in the LDS or are one yourself, check out the LDS chat room. Registration is free.


Mindi said...

Hi, you. Haven't been online for the longest time. Four months pregnant now and finally done with horrible 24-hour sickness. Anyway, about your gripe, there's a man for you. Once I complained to Scott that I was feeling dowdy fishing for some reassurance and instead of negating what I said, he offered me fashion advice, what nerve!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Mindi! Congrats on being preggo again!:) Hate to point it out, but you commented on the wrong post, lol.