Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goth Talk

Being a student of European Languages, I had to go through several classes that discussed the history and culture of the different European nations. We studied architecture, music, literature, etc. One of the styles we learned about was Gothic and together with that the history of invasion by the Goths/Visigoths (in my case, since I was a Spanish major, los godos y visigodos). When I was studying in Spain, I joined field trips that focused on Gothic architecture, so I knew about the characteristic features and got to experience the ambience as well. Speaking of this particular atmosphere, we can segue to the current connotation of Goth, which probably stems from that. It involves music and style effusing bleak imagery and the color black. There’s a community of Goth aficionados worldwide and you can find most of them in the Goth Chat Room.