Saturday, November 1, 2008

Have a Better View of Frugality

I’ve always been frugal, except I usually (proudly) termed it “cheapskate”. However, I and my penny-pinching ways have become trendy of late, thanks to the global economic crisis we are having. With finances being tighter than usual, we are trying to have some fun with the challenge by attacking frugality as something like an extreme sport.

If I was thrifty before, I think I’m bordering on being miserly now. For starters, thanks to these hard times, I’ve become more consistent about vegetarianism, as well as conserving water and energy. If I end up straining my eyes reading without the use of artificial lighting, I know I can always get good quality eyeglasses for as low as $8 at Zenni Optical because there’s no middle person involved. Husband, who can use a new pair himself, doesn’t need to fret at the expense. It’s always prudent to try and get products straight from the manufacturer to avoid added charges.

Try to have some fun with frugality. Search well and hard for anything that will score you a freebie. Spend more time with nature (ones that do not require an entrance fee) and you’ll find yourself having even better fun and entertainment than you used to.