Thursday, July 24, 2008

There Is a Reason for Everything

Even my hair. You know how I got a haircut a few weeks back? Anyway, I asked the stylist to save the chopped off part so I could donate it. I was hoping to find a local institution to accept it, but as yet, no charity organization here is creating wigs for people who suffered hair loss due to disease or treatment. I called the Philippine Cancer Society and they referred me to Reyes Haircutters. Upon calling Reyes, I was told that the hair donation campaign they had before was for the oil spill near Guimaras (hair adsorbs - yes, in this case, ADsorb and not ABsorb - oil) and that it was over. They would donate a peso to the Philippine Cancer Society for every business they got, but since I had already gotten my haircut elsewhere, too late for my one-peso contribution.
Anyway, I found out about Locks of Love and was really touched by it. I was actually thinking of cancer patients when I decided to save my hair, but this makes more sense. Hair grows back after chemotherapy, but alopecia areata is a long-term condition. I just hope my mutant hair is acceptable and that those dry, frizzy strands can actually help make a decent hairpiece.


The Darkest Night said...

that's sweet! I heard about Locks of Love from Stefanie a while back, but my hair is too short for them (even though it feels long to so need a haircut!)

spinninglovelydays said...

I didn't think mine would be 10 inches either, but thankfully it was.:)
I need to check in with Stefanie too, see how she and Christine are doing. :)

Frances said...

Hiya, Ivy! I also have long hair and want to cut and donate the whole thing. I've been very inspired by Hollywod celebs who chop off their hair and donate it to cancer patients. But I also have been looking for charities who do that but have had no luck. So how do we donate?

Frances said...

Oh, okay, I found your link. Hmmm... not that I'm being selective but I'd really like it if Filipinos here can benefit. I wonder how we can set up a charity like that?

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Frances. I really have no idea, but I suppose contacting the Philippine Cancer Society and a wig manufacturing company would be a good place to start.