Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Revival

I know it has been a week. These are highly irregular times around here however. I mentioned that my grandmother passed away more than a week ago. We chose to hold her wake here so it would be less stressful for the family. For starters, we wouldn't have to go back and forth the funeral chapel or assign manning shifts. However, the wake was also like a week-long party. It was just a stressful time on many levels. There were moments when I did give in to grief and had to go find a quiet place to just release pent-up sobs. They never lasted more than a minute. There was just always so much to do (and to deal with - gosh the drama and issues and whatnots - just things upon things upon things - a whole lot of unnecessary trivial hassles on top of an already very difficult situation - I will not go into it. I will NOT.).
Anyway, my grandmother died a Christian - that's a huge comfort. That's why it doesn't bother me so much that I wasn't able to grieve properly. I know that she is in a much better place and I am certain that I shall be seeing her again. I'm so happy that Marguerite got to spend time with her and I'm really glad that I've always been the kind of person who liked listening to the older generation's tales. I guess it coincides with being a history buff and a writer. Anyway, I've written some of my grandmother's reminiscences down - about the war, the occupation, her family, being a beauty queen (she became Miss Republic of the Philippines back in the '40s), being a tomboy, early Marikina (her clan was one of the pioneering families), etc. - and while I may end up publishing some of them, I'm just relieved that I have stored them in my mind and on paper so that I could pass them on to Marguerite's generation and other future ones. Then I have my own memories of her too and personal traits which I believe I had inherited from her somehow. I have this urge to go off on a philosophical vein and sic my pseudo-profound thoughts about life on you, but I think I'll spare you.:)
We buried her in the clan mausoleum last Tuesday and thankfully, Chip was able to go out and join us for that. There were so many people who showed up during the wake and for the interment. The flowers were overflowing and most of them ended up in the veranda since there was no more room in the parlor. The tricycle drivers' association on our street even sent a huge wreath. I suppose that they appreciate the fact that they get no trouble from us about them blocking our driveway and garage all the time (the other houses are not as tolerant). It's a minor hassle that we really don't mind. In return we got such good neighbors, men who knew each one of us well, who had a friendly greeting for us everyday, who looked out for the kids as they come and go, whom we could easily tap for help... They just turned out to be great neighbors even if they don't actually live on our street.


Mindi said...

Hey. Haven't been by in a while. My condolences to you and your family.

The Darkest Night said...

so sorry for your loss! *hugs*

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Mindi and Annika. :)

maf said...

my grandmother (@81)also passed away last july 16 and was really sad for sudden coz she had no ailment, whatsoever, just plain rheumatism...maybe, just her time...likewise, it was a relief to know that she accepted our Lord before she departed.
i truly miss her, though..

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Maf. So sorry we weren't able to go to your grandmother's wake or burial. All my information was delayed at that time. Anyway, it's great that she had also accepted the Lord before she passed away.

maf said...

it's ok, ivy. thanks. :-)