Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Sure Don't Watch Much TV

YouTube is something else though. Okay, it's not that bad. I usually just go for musical clips and when Marguerite is hanging around, we watch Hi5. Okay, maybe when I said "musical clips", I meant clips of Hi5 performing their intro/closing songs. So maybe it does mean that I watch Hi5 even when Marguerite is not around. There is no shame in that. I repeat, there is no shame... What can I say, I enjoy watching them dance (meaning I dance along, me with my two left feet) and sing (yes, I sing along with my consistently flat/sharp rendition) and it's okay because it makes me perky, lol. I find that I get to accomplish more when I'm perky. And there's nobody around to find it annoying or dumb. Even if there were, you know the saying: live and let people make fools of themselves if they want to.
I don't watch the recent ones. I like the original cast with Filipino-born Kathleen de Leon-Jones as a part of it. I may be a ghastly sight dancing, but Marguerite is, as always, as cute as a button. She can do the T, a semblance of the E, the A, and the M in the Team Song, the up-up-up part of the Growing Song, the when-you-wish-upon-a-star part in the Wondering Song, etc. Of course, she also likes the Hi5 theme(?) song (5 in the air, let's do it together, 5 to the side, who cares about the weather...) Anyway, these are the ones we regularly watch: sharing, enjoying, growing, traveling, wondering and team. They also have Spanish versions, so that's something we can integrate into the Spanish hour.
PS. There's a story submission callout for UP alumni. Read here.


chelltan said...

I'm not a big fan of TV either :)
Lately though, I find myself doing DVD marathon almost everyday, glued to the TV with myself and a microwaved popcorn for company, ahehhe. Still, I wouldn't call that TV watching since I'm not tuning in to the TV programmes :P
and oh, I am more productive too when I'm feeling perky (sadly, that doesn't always happen). Gotta try Hi5 on youtube, hmmnn...