Saturday, April 26, 2008

Picking Your Battles

Marguerite has this new not-so-cute quirk. She wakes up fussing and insists on being carried and taken out. It started about a month ago when she was cutting one of her mega-teeth and of course, since she wasn't well, I gave in each time. Now, she'd wake up, not fussing at all, and nudge me repeatedly exclaiming "Out!" If I go "shush, shush, lie back down, still sleep time", that's usually when she starts fussing. Sometimes she gives in and goes back to sleep. More often than not, she pursues this whim, deliberately disturbing the peace. I can usually apply redirection/gentle persuasion principles but in that window between deep slumber and consciousness, it's hard to get creative. It just means that my sleep got even more sparse of late. And hush it about sleep-training. Just because I consciously chose to AP doesn't mean I can't gripe every now and then (now and then! hah! that's rich!) about sleep deprivation.
Anybody know a local cheap, non-quack shrink? I swear it's not I who need one. I'm harmless even if I do have my own brand of crazies. Anyway, if you could recommend a local psychiatrist who's not prescription-happy, I'd be much obliged.