Monday, November 5, 2007

Make Up for Lost Whimsy

I missed a week. I don't know which one. It must have been a really busy time. I didn't even notice. Or my Math skills are proving to be non-existent again.
Anyway, I just got both a manicure and a pedicure today. Whoa, big spender. Not really. We get home service from somebody who's like a family heirloom and has been doing the nails of the female members of my clan for several generations now. We love Aling Neneng. She contacted infantile paralysis/ polio when she was young, but she doesn't allow this to hinder her from living life fully. She also supplies us with gossip about her relatives, so that's a bonus. :-p I usually get just pedicures (regular cleaning, no polish) because I've declared the nails on my hand a lost cause. Getting manicures is a big commitment for me. Keeping my hands presentable is a full-time job I do not wish to take on. As for my feet, my toenails need a professional. I'm a very squeamish person if that hasn't come across yet and I can't deal with hangnails, ingrowns, cuticles, etc. I cut them three weeks in a month. When they get so they look like they got barnacles growing on them, I get a pedicure. That's still economical. I usually spend 50PhP (a little over a dollar) for my regular pedicure. I figure that's cheaper than having to recover from self-inflicted gangrene.
Aling Neneng's whimsy: "I wish my eyesight is still good when Marguerite gets old enough to get her nails done." Aw. Anyway, I have purple nails. The ones on my hands are even glittery. I'm living it up. This week, I have license to be flashy.:-p