Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Turnip's Turn

I love potatoes and will remain true to them (:-p), but I thought I'd go ahead and make some turnip fries yesterday, loosely following this recipe. I ended up adding garlic powder (gotta have garlic!) and other kinds of cheese as well. I also used Spanish paprika, whatever the difference is. Anyway, I thought they were quite good. The next time I make some though, I'll leave out (or use very little of) the nutmeg, maybe throw in Italian herbs, and really cut them thin into shoe strings. Yesterday's batch was shared rather unfairly by Marguerite and myself. She ended up with the cheesy crisps, while I got the stripped turnip slices, lol.

I'm rather apprehensive about this movie as it paints a very unflattering picture of homeschooling. Now, I usually like the SNL actors and enjoy most of their sketches, but, hmmm, I really wish homeschooling gets more than this narrow (because this does happen in some cases) representation in their movie. I haven't seen it yet and I probably won't see it when it comes out as I tend to just wait for the DVDs, so who knows? Maybe homeschooling is redeemed towards the end. I won't count on it though. I know it's just dumb comedy, but it's worrying as so many people are already misinformed about homeschooling and something like this will reinforce their beliefs.

Later today, I shall be going to the Manila Book Fair at the World Trade Center (weather permitting) to sign copies of these books. I've been fortunate enough to have my short stories included in the two anthologies. My bff's work is also included in the second book and I'm excited to read it (I'll be getting my complimentary copy later, I hope, lol). If you can make it there, please drop by the ASEAN booth and say "hi". Our publisher will be part of a panel for a forum about publishing on Sunday, so I hope you can catch that one too.


tin said...

Sama ako sa book fair! :)

spinninglovelydays said...

sure :)

maf said...

hi ivy!

congrats! the kitten here is so proud of you! :=)i'd luv to read those short stories of yours.

btw, thanks for the cutie shoes you gave to toni. they're gonna be useful soon.

also, hope you'll let me taste those turnips. sounds yummy! :=)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, maf.:)