Monday, August 25, 2008

Here I Go Stereotyping

Husband and I have been meaning to check out this vegan restaurant-cum-craft shop in UP (a very "UP-type" place near Sara's, the infamous, er, legendary watering hole at the Gulod frequented by students during vacant hours whereupon they show up in their next class - say the 5:30 to 7pm PI100 - all red in the face and very sleepy with speech kinda slurred too. Umm, just to put it out there... I'm really not talking about myself. Rilly!) and we finally did last Saturday with Christine. It's called Likha Diwa. It serves vegan (some seafood as well) fare and sells handcrafted items. It's a neat little place with a great ambience. Then again, I'm from UP so I'm not sure if you can go by what I say; it's just the kind of place that appeals to me.
The walls currently feature an exhibit of Maia San Diego's artwork (now I'm not sure if I got the artist's name right). She's a 12-yr-old girl under a home study program. There might be a nuance of difference (because she is enrolled in a regular school, only she opted to do the work at home), but allow me to go, "See? Another extraordinary homeschooler!"

I bravely post a pic with yours truly looking like that only because I love the expression on Marguerite's face; Marguerite eating her wild mushroom quesadillas; Marguerite's hair after she did away with her Chun-Liish 'do

That girl is an unrepetant doubledipper; All dark and brooding because we said we already had to go bye-bye


Zen Ventures said...

She's so cute! Mana sa mama.:) Anyway, kumusta na kau? Grabeh ba talaga yung bagyo dyan? well, if it's any consolation, I have two awards for you. Please come get it :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Maricris. :) The typhoon didn't hit Metro Manila that hard, but, you know what it's like: it's one right after another, so we're expecting another one to hit us this week. Gotta love the monsoon season :)

Super Woman said...

I used to eat at Likha Diwa when I was still a student of UP. Miss this place.