Friday, February 3, 2017

Here's How We Are Now

The last time I blogged, I only had two children. Marguerite was only seven years old and Cameron was just one and a half years old.

These days, Marguerite is all of 10 years old. That's from last Halloween/Harvest and she's Popette from Shopkins.

Cameron is 5 years old. This was taken from the Kombi Run we participated in November of last year. It was an early morning ride to Jariel's Peak in Infanta, Quezon, so we grabbed the kids from their beds as they were, hence the pj getup at this bulalo (beef shank soup) place.

And then, not only are Midge and Cam older, they also have another sibling. Meet our Sawyer, who's now two years old. This was also taken at the bulaluhan.

So now, we're a family of five. We don't have any family portraits, so I'm just going to share these pics taken in the Photobus. That's our new business, btw - Photobus Manila. It's a photo booth inside a VW Kombi.

Here's one from Sawyer's first birthday party (January 2016).

Here's one from my dad's 70th birthday party (November 2016). We're not really complete here except for the bottom right picture.

Now, that I've gotten the fundamental updates out of the way, you can expect more online journal-type posts to follow. I'll also be reviving my other blog Our Lemonade Days, which will have actual articles and not just casual musings and ramblings like those found here. 

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