Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still Thinking of September

I know I mentioned before that it would be cool to throw a luau birthday party for Marguerite (and she’s at the age when she’s already asking for a party). I could already picture the cute luau birthday invitations. However, our church music department had a Christmas luau, so it’s kind of “been there done that” now. Also, I chose to give birth to Marguerite when the monsoon season is at its craziest over her. And then, this year I’d probably have just given birth one to two weeks before Marguerite’s actual birthday. It would be insane around here then. Of course, I could do all the planning and prep before the baby gets here and just leave the execution to Mark, Chip and my mom… Oh the things that plague my mind now. Sometimes I still get amazed that I now think such grown-up, motherly thoughts. Anyway, speaking of the baby, I think I may have a name. I still have to suggest it to Mark, but I wouldn’t be revealing it here until, well, the baby comes out. The thing is, I might change my mind at the last minute, so I’d better not say. Anyway, Mark has to like it too. Right now, it seems pretty perfect to me. It’s kind of like Marguerite – not that common, but not that far out, something from nature, kinda biblical (since, you know, it’s a variation of Margaret), sounds well with Goze… Anyway…

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