Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm really not complaining. The earning opportunities are true blessings. However, I need me some proper sleep. I remember being pregnant with Marguerite and staying in school until past midnight working on the yearbook. So yeah, this is nothing new. I'm not as worried now. Marguerite was born healthy enough despite all the stress I had to go through. That was a brilliant move - getting pregnant right after I agreed to be yearbook adviser. Anyhoo, I'm so exhausted. I'm writing for 4 clients simultaneously - possibly more, I can't remember. And then blogging opps come my way too and I feel that I just can't let anything pass... I pray that I find enough energy for all this work AND taking care of Marguerite (thank the Lord really that I don't have to worry about any other chores while living with my parents). I pray that my patience does not desert me as it usually does when I'm tired. I pray that I be thankful always and less inclined to whine.

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Anonymous said...

I think the key when our patience wears off---is to be grateful and ask for strength. I am sometimes guilty of being impatient and whiny, but once I remember that I should be grateful instead, the stress and impatience disappear.
Hang on in there....Just be grateful for those opps.