Saturday, May 21, 2011

End Times, Babies and Horses

Woohoo! It's May 21, the predicted end of the world by a certain sect (didn't they also make a similar prediction back in the '90s?). And they spent much money on it too, so I guess they really believe it. Question: did they say what time zone they were referring to?
In less kooky news, we're going to find out the baby's gender today! Marguerite, btw, just changed her mind again and now prefers a baby sister -- at least, according to her answer last night. Hmm, I don't think she has any real opinions about it yet. I think we better stop asking her before she gets exasperated and demands to get a pony instead.
That reminds me... I know I blogged about being horse crazy as a kid and getting quips about wanting to marry a horse when I grew up. Marguerite beats that. She says she wants to be a pony when she grows up. Does this mean that riding lessons are up ahead?

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