Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are You Over the Royal Wedding?

I think this time last year, my cousin (who, I have to brag, has just been inducted into Sigma Theta Tau) was taking summer courses in London. I haven’t asked her if she particularly cares, but if she does, then she’s probably going, “Why didn’t Kate and William decide to get married then?” Anyway, having said that, maybe the wedding week wasn’t such a practical time to be in the UK – much more expensive, you know. But I’m sure practicality and that argument wouldn’t have swayed fanatics (as what was apparent). As the fervor subsides, we could all go back to looking up holiday details like Bath tours or york hotels and other vacation possibilities. In any case, just stay away from silly wedding memorabilia. You don’t have to go to England to find some anyway. I was laughing at some goofed ones like a fancy mug with pictures of Princess Kate and … Prince Harry. The younger Windsor seems to be a really chatty type. My sister and I were remarking at how he was usually yakking away every time the camera panned over to him. And he always had this mischievous expression on his face. I also love the “I thought this was going to be just a small family affair” quip from William. Trust Princess Diana to produce endearing children.

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swirlyagelessmind said...

i don't think i'll be over it anytime soon, more and more comments will likely pop up. can't believe the insider hired a lip reader to see what the princes were gabbin' about, anyway, that was great entertainment.