Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Workshops and Shots

So here’s what’s going on over here. I’m vacillating over letting Marguerite take basic voice lessons this summer. The thing is, I don’t know if it will be worth it (the time, effort and money) since a module wasn’t available yet when I asked for it, and the workshop is actually offered to kids aged 5 and up (Marguerite isn’t 5 until September, but they usually make exceptions for cases like that). I don’t expect it to be anything serious, of course, but I do want her to get something more from the thing besides fun. She’s definitely taking the basic drawing workshop (which is actually for her age) later this summer. I actually wanted a simple arts and crafts class, but they weren’t offering it this year, so I opted for this one as the closest thing. Anyway, she could do with the proper guidance drawing-wise. I don’t think she can get it from us. One of the games Mark and I play with Marguerite (when we’re just lounging in bed, waiting for slumber time) is this drawing game. We get two magnetic slates and then pick an object to draw. We then try to come up with a rendition that we deem most recognizable to Marguerite. We show her our drawings and then let her guess what they’re supposed to be. It’s always funny when Marguerite thinks your drawing of an ear is that of a car. Mark and I try not to jeer at each other’s drawings (it’s pretty hard – Mark has come up with some really ugly ones, hehe) since we don’t want Marguerite to pick up the habit. Can you guess which drawing is mine and which one is Mark’s? lol
In other news, Marguerite has been vaccinated against measles and rubella. We had decided to go for it, but had planned to time the shots with my next visit to the OB-GYN (next week). I still wasn’t a hundred percent sold on the idea, thinking more in the sense that we were simply going with the lesser evil. However, city health workers were doing the rounds of the neighborhood a couple of days ago, so M got her shots (for free at that – so that bit could have won the argument all by itself). She hadn’t had a shot since she was a baby, so I wasn’t sure how she would react. She just looked very serious, but she didn’t cry or even flinch. I asked her if it hurt and she said it did. The doctor and her assistants looked amused as Marguerite stood there, quiet and composed, while Mom and I fell all over ourselves telling her how brave  she was. Anyway, I think it was the more prudent choice anyway. I’ve told you my views about vaccination, but my being pregnant tilted my philosophy about it a little. I’ve had the measles, so I’m presumably immune to it, but it could lead to serious complications (we’d already been considering getting this as per our old pedi’s recommendation), so it was better for M to be vaccinated against it. I haven’t had German measles yet, however, and my contracting it during pregnancy could be very dangerous for the baby, so it was good that Marguerite got vaccinated against that too.

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kryzteta said...

Let Midge take voice lessons so we could upload her videos in youtube, lol! :D