Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Shower-Big Sister Party

Assuming that somebody will throw a baby shower for me, I would ask that it be a big sister party for Marguerite as well. I wouldn’t require guests to bring gifts for M (although it would be very thoughtful if they did), but maybe there could be a sign for her. Mark and I would take care of the presents for Marguerite. I’m thinking of custom-made stuff that would say something about her being a big sister. I’m going to design a t-shirt , for instance. That would be cool. I know Marguerite would like a shirt with all her favorite elements on it. It would be unique too. I think I might make a book as well (this really depends on how diligent I’m feeling – at this point, I seem to be having a long spell of indolence). I know you can actually buy ready-made stuff and I just might end up doing that, but you know me – I like things homemade/handmade and personalized. Of course, I’m being presumptuous. Our church usually throws the necessary parties, but I’m thinking maybe my mom would have a personal hand in it. The last time, a very good friend of my mom’s insisted on organizing the shower, but her husband has gotten sick since then, so she already has her hands full with things at home. So, Mom, this is not a hint. Please take care of the baby shower. :D


ウィンターちゃん Wynter said...

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こんにちは。OMC (Oh my cute♥!) (^3^)
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Nikka said...

When I was pregnant with Hero, I planned her Baptism with Ty in mind. The invitation read, "Tybalt Alexander is proud to invite you to his little sister's christening!" It really made a big difference (I believe) in how he saw and accepted her.

And we used this:

If you check that page, there is also one for a big sister. :)

Sharkbytes said...

ha! nothing subtle about this. I think that's why I never get parties... I don't make it clear enough that I want one.

spinninglovelydays said...

@... Wynter: I'll definitely check out your blog.

@Nikka: That's so sweet. Ty certainly looks like he loves being a big brother to Hero. Thanks for the tip!

@Sharkbytes: Hehe, Never been known for subtlety, but I limit my spoiled demands to my mom. :D