Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Fruit Company Was It?

When I was really young and the TV we watched over at my cousins’ house was one that came with its own cabinet - meaning that it was the kind that required us to get up and manually switch channels (and this was way before cable – Marcos was the president and there were just five TV stations), we suffered through the commercials. Now, of course with remote control and the hundred or so other channels to choose from, we hardly ever get to watch the ads. But back then, during summers of the early ‘80s, we just sat there and watched. To make the time waiting for the real program to come back more fun (or just less boring), we tried to beat each other in guessing which product was being promoted in the ad. It also reminds me of this other game we used to play wherein we guessed which product a logo represented. I think I guessed one time that the Chanel logo was that of a car marque (still not familiar with designer logos). I suppose if you’re starting a company, you have to be smart about the business logo design. If the image totally has nothing to do with the industry you’re in, it has to at least be memorable. This brings to mind Forrest Gump remarking that Lieutenant Dan had invested their money in some fruit company.

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