Saturday, March 26, 2011

Furniture "Thingies"

I remember the time when my sister held her birthday party in a hotel suite. There was some hullaballoo over the word “couch”. We said we wanted a couch and they assured us that there would be a couch. Alas, when we got there, there were a few armchairs and no couch. We immediately phoned down to the front desk to point this out. They sent somebody up and this somebody pointed to an armchair and said, “There’s a couch.” Sigh. What could we do? Then there was a time when somebody told me not to call the table at the wall a console, helpfully adding that a console was like an entertainment center. May I say argh? Thankfully, I've since been spared from people who've never heard of console tables. Then again, it’s not quite like the dumb argument I had with a friend on whether to call what I know to be a coffee table that or a cocktail table. I was so convinced that I was right that I cringed when I saw a display of coffee tables labeled contemporary cocktail tables. No wonder I tend to call everything “thingy”. I never really knew much about furniture before except some general classifications. That was before I landed a gig writing articles and product descriptions for several interior design businesses, and then my knowledge grew by a smidge. At least, I can visit a home and correctly remark on the modern accent table or the unusual area rug, but maybe you’ll still have to tell me not to eat the potpourri, lol.

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