Friday, January 14, 2011

The Day Started Too Early

So. Today started with Marguerite waking up at 4am and while I do get up around this time, it was still beyond my capabilities at that time to intelligently cater to a disoriented 4-year-old who knew something was wrong and kept on whining about it, but somehow could not pinpoint that the problem was that she should have still been sleeping. I basically ended up just giving her whatever she wanted: iPod, that we held hands, cuddled, that I wiped her tears, etc. I was still too dumb to attempt any kind of resistance. About 10 minutes into that, I started feeling really ill, the kind of state I get in when I am hungry, which is about every thirty minutes or so right now. And not just hungry, but absolutely ravenous, which brings us to a pretty abrupt segue: I really thought I would finally be able to travel abroad this year (I haven’t been since Mark and I got married – he has, but not me). My US visa will expire this year. I was really hoping to use it before it expires. I thought also, perhaps we could visit my mother-in-law in Zurich and go on proper europe holidays, but that’s not really likely now. I’m not about to complain though. God knows which blessings to dole out to which people at which time. Confused sentence, but I’m ending it there.


Sharkbytes said...

Whoa- You aren't kidding. This was a confused morning. Not that I'm one to talk about anyone else being disoriented over early wake-ups!

Nikka said...

Hungry every 30 minutes? Preggers??