Thursday, December 9, 2010

We'll Celebrate... Someday

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mark and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon (and it’s kind of an amalgam of various special events). The years are different of course - we started dating in 1996 and we have been married since 2004 (we got engaged exactly a year before the wedding). I think the last time we really bothered to celebrate was before we had Marguerite. Since then, it always seemed as though there was just too much to do around this time and celebrating our anniversary was always the easiest item to scrap from the list. I used to be high maintenance about that and gave Mark such grief if things fell short of my expectations, but I first learned not to be too demanding and, later, not to demand or expect anything at all. It certainly greatly diminished my stress. I know some people will say that we have to celebrate, that it’s important in keeping the romance alive… I agree, but we’re the geniuses who chose December 21st to be their anniversary. Anyway, someday, I’m going to collect on all the missed celebrations and DEMAND something really big. As you know, I’d rather travel than have stuff, so I’m thinking a nice canal boat holiday in the UK? It’s one of my dream vacations. Maybe when Mark comes across some jackpot and no, it can’t be the lotto; our persuasion definitely doesn’t do that.

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