Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Migraine Me Prend la Tête

I've been having really bad migraine attacks lately, interspersed with your routine dull headache type of discomfort. Now, I have about four suspected culprits (five, if you count deteriorating eyesight): my monthly period (TMI, I know), poor sleep quality (which could mean the end of co-sleeping for us), some dried up mucus that have lodged itself somewhere and needs to be expelled (and may be causing me this feeling of an impending asthma attack  as well-TMI again, sorry), and the amount of chocolate I've been consuming lately. I told myself to minimize computer time and to avoid watching TV, reading books, crafting... alas, I'm more averse to boredom than pain. I've put myself under observation for the time being. In the interim, I'm functioning like a store with just its skeleton staff operating it. One thing I'm sure of though, I have to stop chocolate consumption for a little while. Not only because of the headaches either. I'm actually just being a glutton, and I do have to pay for them. I've been ignoring our usual bucket of candy bars in favor of my sisters fudge creations. She's selling them at our church's yard sale/bazaar/fun day on Saturday.


John said...

Oh no, we shared the same problem sis.. Migraine always visits me from time to time and speaking of that dried mucus, it bothers me when I can get it out..

spinninglovelydays said...

I'm thinking this is Rose, lol. It's so hard to take care of children when your head feels like it's splitting in two.