Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Medicinal, LOL

My mom and I recently depleted a box of red wine (we’re real classy like that, lol) and then we finished off a bottle of Spanish wine after that, so now my stash is gone and I’m going to wait until the holidays to stock up again (meaning, the stock would be mostly gifts, lol). I make us sound like a couple of winos, but we drink very sparingly. We just stick to half a glass a day. Some days, we abstain completely. That box, for instance, was cracked open (but with the little spigot, you know) almost five months (I read somewhere that’s good for about six months?) before we finished it off. I do have to be careful with wine as I have a taste for it. Thanks to Peter Mayle and his recounts of wine tasting at the caves of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, I have dreams of going to dégustations myself. I’m hardly knowledgeable in oenology, but I do know people who are and would find a wine bank very beneficial to their lifestyle and budget. I also like reading books/mags and watching shows that feature those who have more epicurean tastes (confession: I love watching Top Chef and had a crush on Chef Novelli for a time – loved how his English merited subtitles, lol). Chip and I also finally saw Julie & Julia, for instance, and loved it (but we find Meryl Streep pretty much infallible anyway), so… I guess I like exposure to that culture?

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