Friday, October 1, 2010

As Lazarus

How many times have I testified here before that prayer works? That I'm online and blogging is an answered prayer. This computer pretty much went kaput on me yesterday afternoon. It had to go berserk just when the lone techie around here (Mark) was spending the night at the office (he has mounds of work to do, which meant staying at the office late and then Fridays his car has coding - Filipino phrasing for being banned on the road from 7am to 7pm because of the last digit on its plate number - so it meant leaving the house at 6am). I was panicking because I was waiting to hear from a prospective client and the computer wouldn't even get to the Windows part. It kept on saying stuff like Disk Boot Failure and Primary Slave Hard Disk Failed and Kumquats and Rutabagas... I got Mark on the phone and he tried to guide me through fixing the thing until he gave up and said, it's not anything he could fix over the phone (good thing he doesn't work as tech support in a call center). It meant no computer until he got home Friday night or even Saturday morning, depending on the volume of his work (in the background, Marguerite is singing "Cat's in the Cradle", jk :D), and there was the possibility that I might have lost some files because you know me and my thick skull, I never back up. I was pretty much resigned to just waiting until Mark got home, but Marguerite and I did ask God last night to fix the computer. I woke up earlier at 4am as what is my routine, and with the computer dead, had nothing to do. I could continue hemming the playsilks, but that meant turning on the light. Just for kicks, I turned on the computer to see if it was over its tantrum. It wasn't. I just lay there listening to Reuben Morgan and the rain, meditating. I thought I'd give turning on the PC one last try before I considered sewing in the bathroom. Well, this time it got me to that part that asks if I want to start Windows normally and I chose the other option, which was the recommended one anyway, something to do with launching repair and restoring the PC to an earlier time wha? So it was a longish process, but the computer started to repair itself... and here I am now. Sheesh. I wish I didn't panic so much at the thought of not being able to go online. :( But thanks to God for answering our prayer.


Sharkbytes said...

Amazing, how tied to these little rectangles of trapped electrons, isn't it?

The Kano said...

God DOES answer prayers! I'm grateful that I've got a local computer tech that I can always call to rescue my computer.

Silvergirl said...

I'm not savvy in putter, i always rely on my technician.. Just learning lil bit. prayer is the best miracle.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Sharkbytes: It can totally be a dependence issue, lol

@Dave: Good to hear you have reliable tech support. :)

@Silvergirl: I'm not tech-savvy either. I just learn from incidents like this, lol