Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Junkyard We Call Home

Our church has a Bring Your Junk day on Saturday. The Kids’ Department, of which my sister Chip is the head, is spearheading the event to raise funds for… well, something. I’m not sure what, but I have a feeling it’s the Christmas Pageant. Anyway, Chip will leave a correction or clarification in the comments section in case this is not accurate. We have so much clutter here. We’re all so sentimental and such fierce recyclists that we’ve got a veritable junkyard going on. You can just imagine what happened to all our electronics when the flood happened. My dad brought a bunch of old VCRs, VCD and DVD players among other things to the nearby mall’s trash to cash campaign. I think we still have a bunch of laptops and CPUs lying around gathering dust. The thing about us is that we don’t normally sell the old to buy a new one. We just keep on using the old until it conks out and what happens is that when it expires, it doesn’t get thrown out. We try so hard to keep things from the landfill that we get close to being a landfill ourselves. We’d really much rather give old PCs to a place that knows all about recycling computers. The thing is that we usually put off finding such a place until the clutter problem here gets out of hand and then we end up just taking it to a generic junk yard.

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Anonymous said...

dHey, maybe I can come on Saturday and check on your garage sale? I want to visit your market, to buy 3 kilos of sweet potato. Maybe run at the Sports Complex after. But you do need draw me a map or give me directions going to your place. Belated Happy Birthday to Mark. Thanks. Jeanne