Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life with TV

As you know, I have a hypocritical attitude about TV. I keep on saying that I would really rather have the TV locked away in a hard to reach cranny of our house (since this is my parents’ house and a TV is available in almost all the rooms, that’s clearly not the case). I can’t throw it out unless it totally conks out. Our TV was a wedding present and I’m too sentimental to get rid of it. Anyway, I want Marguerite to grow up not best friends with it, and I honestly could be more productive if I didn’t resort to it every time I found myself bored. However, there are TV shows that I just really love (NCIS, why can’t I quit you?) and I find a true gem every now and then on HBO and the other channels. I lack discipline though and let the trash in too (Chip and I are way too familiar with the people on this gossip show, which I won’t name because I just labeled their show as trash). Anyway, one of these days, we’ll finally find ourselves in a TV-free home. I can still find a way to catch my shows via Online TV, which might strike you as cheating, but I’m sure I can get technical and come up with excuses and justifications. :p

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