Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tales That Should Be in Kitchen Newbie

I'm really good at this housekeeping thing, eh. Last week, I got a potato from the fridge and noticed that there might be a green growth thing. It was minuscule, but I didn't want to risk it, of course, so I set it aside (aside being the window sill) and a week later, it's still there, poisonous green stuff sprouting all over it. You might ask why I don't just throw it out and I could tell you I have the workings of a mystery story (death by tuber a la that maruya tragedy in Bohol a few years ago) or I could admit that it probably has something to do with me being a packrat and how I am always loath to throw anything out (even dangerous substances?). The thing with poisonous potatoes is that they supposedly can be restored to their non-poisonous state by putting them back in the ground. Maybe that's what I intend to do although how soil is going to materialize in our 7th floor apartment is a reasonable question. On the other hand, many say, just cut out the sprouts and their eyes and the potato is still safe to eat. What will probably end up happening is that the potato will stay there for a couple of more weeks and when it starts growling or lumbering about, I'll finally have the good sense to dispose of it.

More exciting tales from the kitchen: I got splattered by cooking oil while frying tuna loaf this morning. Look. It's that microscopic thing at the base of my thumb. It hurts like the dickens even if you can't see it. I spent 15 mins just soaking my entire hand in a bowl of water before I could dare to start ignoring the pain. Please don't think "wuss".

And then I belatedly realize that this entry might have been better off posted in my cooking blog. Whatever. In other news, Marguerite's photoblog has some new pictures since my last post. Please visit and leave a comment if possible. Thanks. :)

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