Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

Climate change has happened in the past and will probably happen again. There is no reason why it should be hurried though. It can be caused by natural incidents such as solar output, volcanism, orbital variations, etc. However, there is the human element as well. Because of the things we do, we’re making the pace toward climactic change more rapid and its impact on all of us will be disastrous.

Recently, my hometown of Marikina City was flooded by the descent of an incredible amount of rainfall. In about six hours, more than thirty days worth of rainfall materialized in our area. Everybody was caught unaware, hence the subsequent range of devastation. Many lost their homes and possessions and a good number also lost their lives. Several components probably led to this calamity, not just the bizarre volume of rainfall. Marikina is a river valley. The overflowing of the river, the basin-like position of the city, the development of the mountains surrounding the valley, etc. probably compounded to the effect of too much water pouring down from the heavens.

Now, could this rainfall phenomenon be attributed to climate change? The experts are shying away from making any such proclamations. They say that more study needs to be done, that technically it was still the rainy season, that this has actually happened before, etc. I’m no expert, of course, but I think climate change is a very real threat. Even if it did not directly cause the excessive rainfall, it could still have contributed to the occurrence. I’ll wait to hear the results of the experts’ studies, but in the interim, I’d like to take a more active stance in fighting climate change at a personal level.

The following pages offer tips on personal contributions to this fight:

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