Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tita Cory's Cortège

I didn't think I'd be able to take part in any of Tita Cory's commemorative/funeral activities, but in a weird twist of fate, I was. The agenda for yesterday was for Husband, myself, and Marguerite to go to Santa Rosa for Husband's dental appointment (yes, all the way to Laguna for fillings, lol). I was so bummed that I wouldn't be able to watch the funeral service/cortège/etc. on TV, but I thought we could at least follow the goings-on via the car radio. Since we left our house around the time that the casket was being placed on the ten-wheeler, I felt a glimmer of hope of being able to at least see the procession in person, although I did fear that the consequent traffic would make Husband late for his appointment. When we turned left on South Superhighway, there were already lots of people on the streets (even though at that time, the cortège had just left the Manila Cathedral). From that point until that exit that leads to Manila Memorial Park, there were people milling on the sides of the streets. As it was raining heavily at points, the Skyway was a blessing of shelter for many. We got to the clinic, where thankfully there was a TV at the waiting area. Husband finished around 3, I think. We drove around for a bit, stopped at one of the rest stops for some KFC (sorry, guilty pleasure) and Cinnabon, hit the highway again and encountered slow-moving traffic. It seemed that we would be able to catch the cortège after all. Traffic got lighter past the exit to Manila Memorial, but the crowds on the street were contagious and anytime we'd hear a siren or just pandemonium from the people, we'd pull over and wait to see the procession. I texted my Mom to ask where the cortège was at and she said at the Nichols Interchange. We just decided to stay put and wait. I taught Marguerite how to do the Laban sign and chant "Cory, Cory". She could say "Cory", but when she heard the crowd chanting, she copied them by saying, "Story! Story! Story!" She already knew to pump her fist in proper demonstration mode, thanks to The Bridge to Terabithia's "Free to Pee" (something that Marguerite's prone to chant even when I tell her that no, she's no longer that free to pee, being toilet-trained and all). Anyway, shortly thereafter police cars and motorcycles came in full blast and before I knew it, there was the ten-wheeler with the former president's casket. Bearing his camera, Husband had long left his family in the car (genius left his flash in the bag though, so he is now groaning and griping about the quality of his shots). I was able to take a crappy video with my phone and when the truck was beyond my sight (couldn't leave the car because of Marguerite so I just stuck my body out the window and hoped for the best), I slumped down in my seat and felt an overwhelming surge of emotion. Husband (who was abroad during the time of the revolution, so I doubt he feels the same emotions most Filipinos who were around at that time do with the passing of Tita Cory) found me sobbing. I couldn't explain it. I think it's mostly PMS hormones, lol, but there's also the sentimentality of it all. Tita Cory was the first and, thus far, only president I've actively campaigned for. At that time, I was 8, didn't completely understand what was going on (just that Marcos was bad and Tita Cory was good), but I did sense the magnitude of the change that was about to come. I always voted in elections and will continue to exercise this right, although I'm at a moment in my life when I'm questioning the process of election and whether democracry is what is really best for a nation such as the Philippines. I've made it a rule not to discuss politics here, but these have been my thoughts of late. I'll always be against tyrants, but I'm frustrated by the lack of true, proper, and qualified statespersons elected into office. I should have paid more attention in Soc Sci II, but since I didn't, I don't feel comfortable with the knowledge I have to discuss these matters, lol.

PS. I'm not against GMA at all. While I don't think her integrity is above fault, I don't believe her detractors are any better. While she's in power, I'm all for letting her do her job, that's JMO.

Here are some of Husband's super dark pictures:

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kryzteta said...

Wow! I envy you. But at least we had representatives in the family. lol!