Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marguerite's Sacrilege

Living with an almost 3-year-old. Sigh.

Remember this?

Well, this happened.

Thankfully, I was able to fix it.

Oh but my Bible from when I was still a kid! It' s a Precious Moments one (like I said, I've used it since I was a kid - it's in the New King James version). My aunt sent it to me (Hooray for the Bible present! What kid would prefer toys over a Bible? lol Seriously, I do love it... that is, now I do.) decades ago. It's THE Bible I use. Anyway, look:

I'll continue to use it, of course. You can still read it despite the "art". Marguerite usually knows not to color books (or play with Daddy's gadgets or poop in her pants), but she does have less than sterling moments. Like today. It was accident, upon accident, upon accident. Husband demanded why I don't just put her in diapers. Ah, but such talk is very indicative of a parent who goes off to work before utter chaos begins. Anyway, I felt still up to the challenge and reluctant to concede defeat (something to ponder: why do I keep on claiming that my daughter is potty-trained and yet report accidents practically weekly?). Yup, three times (a no.2 and 2 no.1s), but the day is still young, just noon. She might have more up her sleeve. Why should Mom have rest, relaxation, and peace? Obviously, she's got lots of idle moments cuz here she is blogging. Sometimes I wonder if there are women out there whose children have driven them to drink, lol. Btw, as I sat here typing, Marguerite went over to the drying lighthouse and tried to chop it with her wooden knife (not dangerous; for cutting fruits made of wood and velcro). Sigh. When will I learn? Note to self. Put everything in an inaccessible place. Everything within the child's reach is fair game.


Kristin said...

My youngest is now 5, but I do remember those days- they still happen here occasionally. Just trying to figure out this entrecard thing....

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Kristin. Thanks for stopping by. New at entrecard too, but enjoying it so far. :)

Nikka said...

Ty is turning 4 in 2 weeks and has a few accidents too. He often is so engrossed in his trains or his coloring that he wets his pants. I happens.

Oh, and the line about comments made by the one who leaves the house? I feel ya!