Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Marguerite's Apartment Living Contraband

Trust me to be sick anytime there's something special going on. A late Happy Mother's Day greeting to all my fellow moms. Anyhoo, I was morbidly sick with a bad cold (I'm one of those ninnies who get taken out by the common cold) and since previous experiences have taught me that if I don't lie down and rest, it doesn't go away in the usual duration it's supposed to run its course, but instead it aggravates into an asthmatic episode. The point is we missed church and I didn't get to see my Mom or greet her in person (wouldn't have been able to hang out at their house anyway since my sister had a radioactive iodine treatment last Monday, and confinement in the bedroom wouldn't have worked because there's no stopping Marguerite if she wants to see her Aunt Chip). The above was supposed to be the paper mosaic card Marguerite and I made for her (Marguerite also has a painting that we tucked inside), but since I was sick when I worked on it, it turned out sloppier than it would normally have, lol. Anyway, I'll do it over and give a better version to my Mom (also the colors are dull!).

Last Saturday as I was preparing a salad lunch for myself and Husband, I discovered two creatures that had been living in our vegetable crisper for almost a week. Don't tell our building admin, but Marguerite just got herself her first pets.

Cabbage Looper?; armyworm?
If you can identify these, please leave a comment. :)

Marguerite was fascinated, of course, and she belted out with her medley of insect songs, with the addition of her vegetable song (because the caterpillars were in the broccoli!). In honor of our creepy crawlies, I leave you with this video (Husband loves the drumming - very jazzy!):


kryzteta said...

So last Saturday I was trying to figure out the tune for Row Your Boat, it took me a couple of minutes, then finally sang the whole song. I wasn't playing with Midge at that time, you know what she did? She clapped when I finished singing. lol!

spinninglovelydays said...

Well, that was nice. :)