Monday, April 20, 2009

One Weekend in the Summer of 2009

So it was a pretty fun weekend. Saturday, we did this:

We went back to my inlaws' and Marguerite "swam" in the inflatable pool with her cousins. If you see an adult in the pictures, that's Husband, who was supposedly watching Marguerite (supposedly is the operative word, lol). We don't let Marguerite play with toy guns. I grew up watching McGyver and that's one of his influences. The gun-like toys she's holding here are her cousin's and we insisted on calling them squirters. *rolls eyes*

On Sunday, we went to church, of course. We had lunch at my parents', then off we went to the UP campus for the usual carless oval fun. It got dark early, but we still let Marguerite run around on the grass. She and I made fairy houses. We were in the process of making our second one when big fat drops of rain started falling. We rushed back to the car and as we drove away, it started pouring like mad.

Anyway, on both days, we enjoyed Mang Larry's Isaw. Husband has always been a fan (I'm more of a fishballs girl) and anyway, this Isaw stand is legendary and its fame reaches far and wide. There were students, alumni (like us), people who lived in the area, foodies... The line was loooong (Saturday, we got there around 4 pm as they were setting up and we were smug. Sunday, we got there past 5, got over our dismay and resolutely stood in line, or at least, Husband did). I bet Mang Larry's a millionaire now, lol. I didn't see it, but I think Husband drank the vinegar and if you must know, he enthusiastically sang praises for Mang Larry's isaw all the time we were eating (there were several tables set up, but many ate by their cars, cups of vinegar resting on the hood. Some laid blankets on the grass and had a picnic). Very fortunate for us, Marguerite was not interested in isaw. She had pretzels, sunflower seeds, and parmesan crackers instead.

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Trina said...

Thanks so much for (re)visiting our homeschooling blog. It's always humbling and encouraging to have visitors come and be inspired by it. I am pregnant with homeschooler no. 2, and I will follow your example of thinking about homeschooling plans for this one as early as 2.5 years old. Before we homeschooled the older kid, my husband and I had this notion that Education With a Capital E began at age 4, when kids officially entered preschool, trolley bag and lunchbox and all, LOL. Homeschooling has so far been freeing, and we are very happy that education and learning is now an integral part of our everyday lives. Good luck, and may you have lovely, unique, and fulfilling experiences with your daughter as well. :)