Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Wilted Ivy

What can I say, I'm exhausted! Coming back home from my Mom's, all the work just seems so much more tiring and heavy. I guess I sort of lost momentum in my quest for a '50s home life (not that people didn't have helpers in the '50s) when I immersed myself in a setup where I didn't have to do a single chore, except maybe watch my own daughter when everybody else was busy (only during the second week of my bout of the plague - I tried to convince people that having rashes was more debilitating that it appeared, lol). Anyway, I'm actually not doing as much as I did before I got sick (had to say hasta luego to potty training... so not in the mood to clean up after accidents just yet ... also welshed on dinner prep twice thus far) and yet I'm droopy and completely wilted at 3pm, just when I'm about to do all the major cleaning and cooking, provided Marguerite cooperatively goes down for her nap. Is it because I'm simply getting myself used to all the work again or is it something else, like the heat? I think the summer heat's beginning (summer's earlier here) and nothing can make me droop more than having to move in all the humidity. Help me, Lord!

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