Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baking Soda Is Where It's at

It would be really amazing if I still don't catch chicken pox this time. I've ended up several times having food Marguerite had been eating stuffed into my mouth (a slice of apple or cracker she didn't want to finish). Also she has been very sweet lately, sidling up to me for hugs and cuddles and I happily oblige, of course. Anyway, she's absolutely normal except for the spots. They don't seem to be bothering her that much. Sometimes she'd see them and would want to pick at them, but they don't seem to be itching much at all. When she'd start scratching, I'd simply remind her that the doctor had told her not to scratch and she'd stop right away. So, basically I mix baking soda into her bath water (day and night) and that seems to do the trick. My game plan is to dab at itchy spots with cotton soaked in water with baking soda, but that hasn't been necessary thus far. I have a list of natural remedies for chicken pox stuck on my fridge door too, most of which I have here at home, but the occasion to try them out has not risen yet. Of course, we're not giving her eggs and dairy at the moment (except for a little milk. We really don't give her chicken yet, so that one's not a problem.) so as not to aggravate any itching she might feel.

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