Sunday, December 7, 2008

La Misérable

What a miserable week! Just wanted to let you guys know that I've been wretched sick this past week that's why I haven't been able to update the blogs. Not even a month after we had left my parents' house, we (at least Marguerite and I) had to move back in since I was so pathetically helpless. Thank God really that it wasn't the flu. I wasn't catching anyway whatever it was - which really all just boils down to my immune system going down (no sleep Friday night - didn't catch up on it when I had the chance - got caught in the rain several times Sunday - took a jarring cold shower Monday morning just when my body was already hinting that I needed to get me some proper rest... THIS IS WHY I AM SO FURIOUS WITH MYSELF!!!). I was feverish for a couple of days and had all sorts of body aches. I had a terrible migraine as well with the pain emanating from my eye sockets, so for a moment there, we thought my eyesight might be failing too. My mom offered to lend me a maid for a couple of days, but I had a vision of the girl coming to me to ask about what to prepare for meals and me being completely stumped, so I thought forget it, better just go to my Mom's.

Anyway, as though I wasn't miserable enough, my stupid wisdom tooth started bothering me so I went to the dentist next door to see what could be done about it. She suggested an extraction and I decided to go for it. Well, two hours later, the hateful little tooth was still there (the crown was brittle so it broke leaving the root still firmly embedded), the corner of my mouth was chafed and bruised and I'd bled enough for bupkus so the verdict was that we would wait a week or two before she would attempt it again. I asked if there was an alternative and, of course, there wasn't or that would just make my life too easy, so the idea was that the pull of gravity would make the tooth descend (don't know why gravity can't go all out and make the entire thing drop right out of my gum) and in a week or so the forcep would have something to hold onto. Harrumph. So now I'm taking expensive antibiotics for the wounds I incurred from the failed extraction. Took three pain relievers too, but decided not to continue. They didn't help with the pain anyway. The antibiotics make me feel all out-of-sorts - dizzy and nauseated, but I think I'll be sticking it out for the rest of the seven days. How ironic that I endured my bout of the "flu-ish" without resorting to drugs only to be subjected to anesthesia and antibiotics in the end. I knew I should have just ground up some cloves again. The really bad thing is that my right cheek is swollen and I've got an ugly red something at the corner of my lower lip, which combined make me look like a battered wife. I can imagine trying to explain about the wisdom (blech) tooth and people going, "Of course, of course" all the while thinking "The excuses these abused women cook up."

My husband was very sweet, btw. He didn't go to work last Tuesday to take care of chores, Marguerite, and me. I think I used up his stores of domesticity though because when I got home last night, the apartment was exactly as I had left it on Wednesday. He didn't even clear the bed of toys, books, toiletries... the fridge had a bunch of expired stuff, the garbage needed to be taken out... oh well, why give myself apoplexy on top of everything else?


The Darkest Night said...

aw - that sounds like a tough week! I really hope you're feeling better now! *HUGS*

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika :)