Saturday, October 11, 2008

Preschoolers or Schoolers?

Okay, the term "preschooler"? I have no real issue with it except that it inspires my innards to balk. Maybe it's mostly because people have been asking me if I'm already sending Marguerite to school/preschool. Usually I just say "no" and explain that I'll be (or am) homeschooling her anyway. I guess my "slight" aversion to the term may also stem from old notions of preschooler being at least three years old (and that used to be a very young preschooler). During my time, kindergarten was preschool and children younger than that stayed home with their moms. I suppose my point is, aren't two-year-olds still, um, you know... babies? Honestly, I'd much rather refer to Marguerite as a toddler.

Signed Clingy Mom

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The Darkest Night said...

well, yeah 2 years old sounds way too little to be in school LOL
I guess it depends on the country..and what is actually done in school...

when i was little we started school at age 7, and some went to "pre-school" for one or two years before that... and then there were of course daycare centers for kids where both parents worked outside the home...

Now basically all kids are in daycare centers, renamed as "preschool", and kids start school already at age 6... but instead of starting first grade, the start "grade 0".....weird... lol