Saturday, September 27, 2008

According to BabyCenter, I Have a Preschooler

Gosh, for some reason, I really haven't been in the mood to blog lately. Not that I have time either, but I can't muster my usual enthusiasm for it. It's really never good to lose your momentum. Here are some pics from Marguerite's 2nd birthday party. It was just family, nothing big - which shouldn't translate to the magnitude of my stress. Because I was pretty stressed. Remind me to tell you about the hitches. Or not.

Look. A third cake. And it looks suspiciously like the other one. There must be a story behind this. Another time.


The Darkest Night said...

Happy Birthday Marguerite!!

Great pictures! She's SO cute!! Oh, and I love the pretty cakes! yes...i want to hear the story of the 3rd! LOL

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika! :)
The story isn't really that intriguing, lol. Put it down to this capsule:
Saturday - The three of us specified a cake design and asked for a costing.
Three days later - Manager called me with the price and Mark dropped by their store after work to make the official order.
Day of the party on the pick-up - Cake wasn't ready even if we were two hours late picking it up. Husband was an irate customer, lol.
At the party - Cake arrived. Husband said it's all wrong. I said, it was fine, exactly the design I'd specified. Apparently, during the ordering, some design elements were confused and Husband ended up paying for a two-layer (I had wanted a simple sheet cake).
Towards the end of the party - The two-layer cake arrived, but it was still wrong (they sent a chocolate one, instead of a carrot one)

Some capsule, lol! Anyway, at the end of the day (you're another day older, haha), I actually got the cake I wanted. Mark's still fuming though, lol.

kryzteta said...

Oh no! We're you even got to taste the carrot cake? I remembered everyone taking home large pieces from the carrot one. lol!

spinninglovelydays said...

Christine: Yup. There was a sizable chunk left for us to consume that night and some more the following day. It's all good. :)