Wednesday, August 20, 2008

These Are the Days (Don't Read if You're Eating or Planning to Eat After)

Husband got home from work and he was barely inside the house when I greeted him with:
"Guess what your daughter handed me this morning in a very delicate pincer grip."
He knew it right away. (My mom had guessed a knife(!) at first and increasingly got hysterical as her guesses became more and more fatal)
Anyway, the thing had somehow slipped out of Marguerite's diaper (actually I know why, her dipe was already pee-logged and sagging, so no wonder - awesome parenting skills around here, eh?) and since she had shucked her pjs off (she does a lot of stripping these days. I suppose she's just proud that she can do it. Also put on loose shirts, if anyone wants to know:)), it rolled out with no trouble. It was dry and pebble-like and when she handed it to me, I... curiously took it. I know, I know, I know! EW!
Anyway, as soon as I realized what it was (it didn't smell, so it took a bit to register) I moved on auto-pilot and into action with wipes and then off to the bathroom (we were actually already getting ready for her bath when this happened). I reached for the germicidal soap ("Oh, you mean the one I use," Husband cut in) and got as purgatorial as I could. You should know I was emitting incredulous little shrieks the whole time, as well as laughing and groaning at intervals. Fortunately, Marguerite thought I was being funny.
After the whole poop episode, I slumped down in a heap of pillows badly needing a drink while my daughter demanded that I take her out to play in her tent. And as soon as my nerves were no longer in a mad jangle, I did as she asked.
Man, days like this can't be beat! Sometimes I wonder why in the same universe some can win 8 olympic gold medals and some are handed poop by their daughter. As I watched my daughter play, it belatedly occurred to me to be thankful that she hadn't tried to taste it. And speaking of the Olympics AND since I'm being all vulgar with tales of delicious motherhood, I gotta ask: Anybody else think Aaron Peirsol is HOTT?


Mindi said...

Delicious motherhood indeed! Gotta love these moments! Listen, if you need a drink in the middle of the day, go right ahead. I say poop tales should end with alcohol intake every time. I won't share mine with y'all, but they're pretty great too! (lmao)


PS. Which one is Aaron Peirsol again? But I trust your HOTTness meter so I bet he's smokin'! lol

spinninglovelydays said...

Gah, MINDIIIII!!!! Who's Aaron Peirsol? You SHOULD know him. He's YOUR (not yours really but your country's) swimmer! And you can definitely bet that he's smokin' HOTT! I'm doing some serious fangirling over here. I sincerely hope my daughter doesn't get this trait because I get foaming-at-the-mouth CRAZY during these spells! lol