Friday, August 22, 2008

Because Nobody Would Take Me up on My Offer to Rave about Aaron Peirsol

I'm a tween in a 30+ year old's body. It's pathetic, but what can I do? I've always been a fangirl (You did get to read my nostalgic little post about NKOTB, right?). Last week I was gaga over Gerry Butler, but the Olympics happened and my affections were transferred to US backstroke legend Aaron Peirsol. This crush will probably last only until the closing ceremonies (perhaps it's even already waning now as I write this post since the swimmers are gone from the limelight; however, there's always YouTube and a treasure trove of videos over at Please allow me to rhapsodize: Oh,Teh Internets, you are a godsend), but right now I'm googling like mad and stalking any site with even just a passing mention of Peirsol's name.
And then dNeero initiated this conversation about Michael Phelps. If you read the way I answered, you can see I peppered the survey with mention of Aaron Peirsol (gah, I'm always on the verge of misspelling his last name - or maybe it was his ancestors who misspelled it? That's something to chew on right there.*rolls eyes because midlife-approaching women acting like tweens are sillier than actual tweens. And really very sad. sigh*) because people should know better than to give me an opening - even a minuscule crack. So, yeah, I pretty much *heart* Aaron Peirsol and just ignore my husband as he rolls his eyes and mutters, "Here we go again."

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Zen Ventures said...

Aren't we all kids or tweens trapped in an older body? I think that we will never out age ourselves! :) Anyway, Kumusta kabayan? Saan kayo sa pilipinas?