Friday, July 4, 2008

10-Second Post

Still swamped with work, the premature arrival of the terrific twos, as well as a raging blahness. So anyway, I really just wanted to point you to this page because the Vogels have started their journey and the fact moves me so that I get really wired to do something significant myself.
I'm still baking cookies though, which is significant only to the people here. My mom, who has lost about 40 lbs since Chip got sick, is gobbling them up. My cousin Luigi who doesn't need any more sugar is also gobbling them up and is virtually wild with them. Marguerite takes one bite and clutches the rest of the cookie in her hand the entire day or until you take it away.
Have you heard about dairy causing wild behavior while fish does the opposite? What am I supposed to give Marguerite for milk then? We don't have a lot of choices here. I think the only other option I have is soy and I'm leery about that too. We always have almonds, but... can anyone teach me how to milk a nut?
Fact: I need to get in shape to keep up with Marguerite, who is climbing everything and tumbling (just the roll and in bed, but I'm about to spit my heart out) and making non-stop raucous noises and while I can enjoy these, I think I'm also what you call a mass of jangling nerves.
Have a good one, people!:)


Mindi said...

but... can anyone teach me how to milk a nut?

Okay, first you look for the nut's breasts... from there its all wrist action :-D

You should have known better tahn to give me an opening! *hugs*

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Mindi. I had an idea it would be something like that. :) Hugs to you and the kiddies.

Anonymous said...

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