Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainy Days Are Cozier Spent in the Kitchen

... unless you spend it in bed, in which case there is no contest.
So I thought there has been a serious lack of cookies in our house lately. My mom's the resident baker extraordinaire, but since she has taken on the role of caregiver to my sister, I have had to step into her shoes.
So, I was going to make everything cookies, but I was leery of the chaos of flavors and textures in just one bite so I mellowed the recipe down to oatmeal, chocolate chips, and walnuts. Then I found that I was still on baking mode, so I made almond cookies. The recipe called for amaretto liqueur which I didn't have, so I had to settle for almond extract.
Husband loved the first, but issued a long pause before complimenting the second (you could almost hear "How do I phrase this without provoking her to hurl things at me?"). He said, "It's great except that it tastes like, uh, wine, like, uh, you know, almonds." I guess he was trying to say that he's not a big fan of almonds, which is NUTS (pun intended) because almonds rock. I love almonds. I especially love the essence of almonds - the combination of taste and smell...
Then it was time to take pics. I grabbed the camera and set it on automatic (the thing truly is wasted on me). I let Husband preview the shots I took and at one point he said, "Looks like poop."
I thought it was a comment on my photography skills in which case, he wasn't allowed to use expressions like that.
"Excuse me?" I snapped.
He showed me a shot of the cookies. "The cookies look like poop. Literally. It's because of your lighting." Oh, so it was a comment on the cookies themselves and, come to think of it, on my photography skills too. I'm not sure that was better, but at least it wasn't that expression. So, it was just a preamble to a photography lesson which I refused to learn. When it was time to take pictures of the almond cookies, I stubbornly set the camera on automatic again.
So, which of these two do you think I took?

A. B.

These two are both mine and yeah, the cookies are really that pale. It was that kind of recipe.;-p


Mindi said...

I say you took picture A. I agree, cookies are cozy little things.
Hey, why not post a picture of your new 'do? :-)

janegoze said...

i suggest you use brown sugar in your cookies:-)