Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Yesterday was our friends' wedding and while Husband and I had already gotten a gift for them, I still wasn't sure about how to go about wrapping it. As much as possible, we don't purchase wrapping paper anymore. So far we haven't been consistent about it yet, but we're getting there, same with shopping bags. (Side note: In other countries, you had to pay extra for the grocery bags.)
Anyway, we still have Christmas wrapping paper from three years ago (that pack is like the fish and loaves of wrapping paper; I really think it can last a decade.), so I just used that as a base and glued paper towels I dyed pink and scraps of purple tissue. We still have curling ribbons from Marguerite's party (the fish and loaves of curling ribbons - it has supplied several other parties and presents since). I admit the present didn't look very wedding-y, more of sweet sixteen-ish (the motif was lavender), but I thought it looked pretty. Will check if Husband took a picture of it. For a card, I just cut scrapbook paper and lettered the cover myself.
Do I have a point here? Just that I didn't buy wrapping paper. A big green (not even) and frugal hurrah *snort*. Honestly, I'll try to do fabric wrapping next time (unless it's Christmas, because those fish and loaves wrapping papers have to be depleted or they will take over one of the rooms.)
PS. I tried not to think about it yesterday, but it's really bumming me out. Chip was supposed to be a bridesmaid yesterday.

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