Saturday, March 8, 2008

Because the Molars Have Been Kind-ish,

the canines are coming in with a fury. Yes, people, we are cutting fangs (and perhaps a few more molars, too) and Marguerite has been extremely fussy and feverish to boot! She has been tugging at her ears, but she's not showing signs of an ear infection, so I'm positive the fever's coming from those swollen places in her gums. I have been plying her with liquids. Later, I might give her a couple of ounces of chrysanthemum beverage, which has fever reducing properties. I guess I'll simply let her sweat and pee the fever out. I still have KoolFever, but I read this right after that other time Marguerite had a fever and now I'm sticking to applying a damp cloth. As for the swollen gums, just cold teethers and biter cookies (I'll have to make some more, note to self). No drugs for my Marguerite. Anyway, just yet.

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