Friday, February 8, 2008

A Serving of Broccoli and Storynory

Marguerite spat out the few bites of cheesy broccoli that I began to feed her for lunch yesterday, so now I'm thinking I should just quit jazzing up the veggies. Next time, I'll feed myself something I like to eat and give Marguerite the plain-boiled version. She knows how to ask for something else anyway, just in case she'd rather have what I'm having. I had this notion that she would be like myself and prefer food tastier, but I supposed she isn't ready yet. To think that I'd been advised so many times not to get kids used to rich flavors or they'll crave salt, sugar, spices, etc.
Anyway, are you normal and like freebies? :) I got this link from one of my homeschool newsletters. They're free audio stories for kids. Nothing beats your own self sitting your child on your lap and reading her a story from a book that she can flip through herself, but I like having Natasha and her wonderful diction in the background as Marguerite and I play or do other activities together. This could be great for car rides too.
Confession: I was browsing through my birth club message board and saw a topic that interested me: our kids' vocab - how many words they already know. Some of the mothers were citing hundreds of words and that was fine. Marguerite's list would also be in the hundreds and then I realized that they meant their kids were already saying these words. I was flabbergasted. Marguerite couldn't be saying more than fifty yet and not all of them clearly. I, of course, began to panic and started googling techniques on how to increase a toddler's vocab. After a couple of harebrained minutes, I came to my senses. My daughter isn't delayed. She's healthy and developing just fine. This competition thing, which I claim to be against, is something I really have to overcome. I'm not one for envy over material things, but when it comes to being the best in class and getting the highest score or even just playing trivial pursuit, I become downright bloodthirsty. You should watch "Wheel of Fortune" or "Jeopardy" with me and see me forget myself and be all "IN YOUR FACE" over getting an answer right. Yes, I'm a dork. Anyway, I'm praying homeschooling will deliver my child from inheriting/imbibing this crazy mentality.

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